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This is the Admiral flagship of Mitsubishi L200! Well for the truck division! When you are the best seller when it comes to the pickup segment, it’s obvious that you need to create something even bigger, and stronger, to make the competition tremble! This is the new Toyota Hilux!

Mitsubishi L200 4×4 offroad capability, water, mud, sand and snow drift. off-road upgrade lift kit and body lift with 33 “- 35” AT or extreme tire

First of all, I have to say that I could not reach the owners of some vehicles and images, unfortunately, and I apologize to the vehicle owners and clubs for which I could not get your permission for this.

Thanks to my great interest in 4×4 off-road vehicles, I am glad that the video edits I started to make are appreciated and I ask you to contact me so that I can include you in my assembly and clip making works.

I am a 4×4 off road enthusiast and my request from you as a friend. If there are users who are uncomfortable with the posting of their vehicle Videos, I can remove the images from my videos if they reach me. I have no intention of upsetting, annoying or showing any personal information.

I make videos to compile images that fully include the capabilities and limitations of your vehicles.

I thank everyone for their interest. It is my happiness to reflect my passion for 4×4 off road vehicles in this way.

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