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In this video, I’m forging napkin rings… If you’re looking for blacksmith project ideas that you can sell, these would be worth about $10.

You can take what you learn from this video about how to make napkin rings and apply it to various types of napkin rings.

I enjoy forging all kinds of blacksmithing projects, from hammers to sculptures. You can check out my many blacksmith projects tutorials on my channel, Christ Centered Ironworks.

I hope you enjoyed this original tutorial made by me, blacksmith Roy Adams, here at Christ Centered Ironworks. I have quite a collection of blacksmith how to videos at my forging channel. If you want to learn more about blacksmith metal flowers, I have videos on forging a rose as well.

If you’ve got a forge and anvil, and you enjoy blacksmithing, I really think you’ll find something at my channel you’ll like. Thanks for watching this video on forging flower. Have a great day!

Visit my channel at www.youtube.com/c/christcenteredironworks

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