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I hand forge 3 different styles of flat jaw tongs – “Africa”, “Viking” and “moden” designs. Open the full video description for more information.


Here can you see how I made the blacksmith shop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWgESobxudc&t=86s

Here can you see how I made the hammer I use most of the time in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHS-61D2iEk&t=10s


Why the names “Africa”, “Viking” and “moden”?
“Africa”, “Viking” and “moden” is just me giving them a title. Don’t take it to literally – “Africa” is a common design in some parts of Africa, but it is used in a lot other parts of the world as well and a lot of other tong designs is common in Africa as well. The design goes way back to some of the first ever made tongs before the Iron Age. “Viking” was one of the most common blacksmith tong design doing the viking age, but in general is it a common tong design used by many still today. “Moden” is just referring to what is common massproduced today.


What is the best tong?

“Africa” is not a great tong to use, but it does work and the main benefit is that it’s easy/quick to make and you can adjust the tong to hold a lot of different sizes material.

“Viking” is a great tong and still simple to make. The main downside is that the jaws don’t line up all the way and because of that is the jaw offen long “like the example in the video”. Rule of thumb is the shorter the jaw the less power you need to make a tong hold the work piece tight.

“Moden” is the ideal tong design in most cases. It is more work to make them, but the big benefit is that the jaw line up all the way and you can use very short jaws. If not done right can the jaw very easy become to thin and brake off – that kind of weak spot and cold shots is a lot more difficult to make on the “viking”. But if done right is “moden” a fantastic tong design and very strong. The shapes of tong jaws you can make from this design is close to endless.


A few quick questions:

1. Do you sell?
No. Don’t sell any thing.

2. What material did you use?
Mild steel. 10x20mm for “viking”. 15x15mm for “moden”. 6mm and 10mm for “Africa”.


You can see my blacksmithing tools here including the treadle hammer and the bicycle grinder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nmru3hXj47U&list=PLwMRed9dogc56-tqbfKeDCcQr5s_G6hCT


You can see the gear list here https://www.runemaltebertramnielsen.com/439980393

You can see sponsors of the channel here https://www.runemaltebertramnielsen.com/439980888


You can get updates about the next video and behind the scene information here



More information on the website http://runebertram.simplesite.com


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